Shiren the Wanderer

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Brand new and sealed Shiren The Wanderer from Limited Run Games for the Nintendo Switch.

More information can be found on the Limited Run Games site here.

Production Description

The classic roguelike gets a physical release on Nintendo Switch™! Adventure with Shiren the Wanderer and his sidekick Koppa, the talking ferret, through a world filled with cunning monsters, deadly traps and countless treasure. 

No two adventures are the same as you explore mystery dungeons that change each time you enter. Learn strategies and skills to overcome what comes your way--you never know what's next!

Legend has it that Reeva, god of Destiny, holds sway over the past, present, and future. Said to dwell in the mysterious Tower of Fortune, Reeva decides the fates of all mankind with a trio of magic dice... Lead Shiren The Wanderer and Koppa in their quest to conquer the Tower of Fortune!